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Set far in the future, when all life is utterly destroyed through plague or direct action. Humanity created a last line of defense in order to restart the process of life after their own failure to cure an engineered virus by a cult that once controlled a failed mars colony. In hope of restoring what was lost from the attack; Osla, Danielle, Tivs, and a few others are all that is left to bring back earth from the fate it was given.

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/7xbVjgr


I'm happiest when I'm working on artwork or writing short stories. My love for what I do grew out of reading books and watching shows growing up. Anthropomorphic animals were just the biggest influence out of that part of my life.

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This page took ages to finish due to stress, time commitments, and other life things. Now that the bulk of those are out of the way we can finally get back to business.
Author Note
This year was a rough one, so here's something to make the last moments better. I know you all don't know this character or what is behind her. But just take it as a glimpse of what is to come farther down the line. Happy new years everyone, no page this week.
Author Note
It may be the future, but signal reception can still be terrible.
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what what what what what what why hey hey hey listen Danielle listen question
Author Note
I'm sorry for the delay but health and college took their toll. Now back to Falison!
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