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She is the past that cannot be erased. He is the future that this world seeks. It has been 2000 years since the Angels Fall, now she walks this barren land. In a world where demons dance while angels sing and humans sit as the audience.


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5 days ago
Thanks :) Agree the webcomic was made when most screens were 1024 x 768. I need to update them all. 😅
Left on ch4_26
5 days ago
looks awesome, but pages are too small, hard to read :/
Left on ch4_26
2nd Jan 2020
Wow, I really like the style and page flow of your comic. It's also got a pretty engaging story!
Left on ch3_20
31st Dec 2019
"Chapter 3 start! "
Have got a lot to update here! If you're new to Fallen Angel and like it you can subscribe at the top using the fav button or subscribe via the rss!

Drop a rating or comment and let me know how you like it!

Left on ch3_01
31st Dec 2019
Chapter 2 begins! And a color cover page! Enjoy!
Leave a comment or a rating if you like the comic! :D
Left on Ch2_00-01