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FanArt made by and For the cartoonist Johann-Octavius Xailenrath Gans, aka Phoenix In Crisis.
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A showcase for various arts and such, by/for Johann-Octavius Gans. A mixture of boredom, fandom, coffee, thank you's and you're welcomes.
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Another Broken Cartoonist.
Coffee addict. Art suppy junkie.
Dr. Apathy with a PhD in PhuckDat.
Stays crispy in milk. Stays happy in vodka.
Another Phoenix In Crisis. Suffering burnout and preparing to rise from his own ashes.


Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
I am Jack's Identity Crisis.
Or, at least, I'm JOHNNY's Identity Crisis.

Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink
The Wreck in Resurrection.

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Nicely done!
Octopus Ink
Here's a shot that I'd missed from months ago!
Lightningbug from I.W.A.T.S.V. as done by the incredible Espeon Person!
This was from a fanart thread that I totally spaced on, mainly because I can't see half of the images in the forums anymore, for some reason.
Author Note
Hey, I still have the Rocket Racoon mini series from 80whatever. Still wish they'd given Waldo the cyborg walrus a cameo but good to see Howard.
Glad and relieved to hear it's not 2020 Awful.
We can wait.

I definitely understand the desire to retire from them for a while. If you have to force yourself to do it, it loses much of the reason for doing it in the first place. They're supposed to be a FUN challenge.
Phoenix In Crisis
Just 2020 being 2020. I am a few days behind, and trying to catch up.
I may release whatever I am able to do at the end of the month... or maybe just every 5th day or something. Depends on how crappy the REST of the month is.
On the more positive side, artwise, I am working on my comic, IWATSV. Getting a good buffer going. I am 7 pages into the upcoming storyline. That's currently taking up what time I am able to devote to art.
The funny thing is that I had to talk myself into going ahead with this art meme. One way or another, I think it will be the last I do for a good while.