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Fly Further, Fly Faster, Fly Higher
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Scifi AU Poptart and Milo doodles, comics, and chapters that follow along their life and adventures in a trans space opera!

Is NSFW at times!


Aspiring Colorblind Illustrator, Wanna-be Psychologist, Astronomer for pretend. Fueled by Iced Coffee. ~Dare to be extraordinary!~

Mass Effect Andromeda Apologist.

She/Her Trans~Audrey!

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Big Nemo
Big Nemo
Some Tarot style portraits of characters from the past, present, and future of FTL.
Author Note
Totally valid though <3 I still wanna make it easier to read! I am glad you are liking it so far, too ^^
Again, it wasn't really a complaint but just an observation, the story is definitely interesting but it's getting too long to keep going back and rereading it to make the new pages fit in :) Guess that's just me and the way I read things