Felicia, Sorceress Of Katara
What good is magic... if you don't use it?
Last update: 6th Jun 2021, 7:00 AM

Webcomic description

A determined vixen sets out to be a respected sorceress, subject only to her own rules and answerable only to herself.


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They got BUSTED for invasion of privacy!
Great job!
Mr. Melville, I'm still loving your artwork.
“Orb? What orb?”
Gosh, that's an awful lot of people all wanting the same Orb....
Thank you.
Welcome back
You do indeed! Good eye! (Tor and Silver are copyright 2021 to Jan, by the way.)

I like to sneak the occasional cameo in from time to time, both here and over in Felicia. Makes you wonder who you've missed in the past, doesn't it?