Felicia, Sorceress Of Katara
What good is magic... if you don't use it?
Last update: 19th Jun 2022, 7:00 AM

Webcomic description

A determined vixen sets out to be a respected sorceress, subject only to her own rules and answerable only to herself.


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I hope you feel better soon! I like your comic it’s very interesting, but your health is more important.
And with this, I slip back into a quasi-hiatus again. I apologize for that, but the truth is that my health has taken a bad turn this year and that is affecting my ability to turn pages out on a regular basis, so it's going to be hit and miss for a while now. Possibly a long while. I'll be posting as often as I can, but that may not be as often as we'd like.
Author Note
Sorry for the long delay... it really was unexpected, and I blame it entirely upon health issues mixing with RL concerns this time. Hopefully, this won't happen again.
Author Note
The author has had some unexpected RL delays, including some health issues that laid me up for a spell. But work is proceeding ahead; I'm still determined to finish the entire chapter before posting any new pages. Bear with me, it's coming.
That must of been quite the send off party. May be the author needed a long winter nap!