The New Adventures Of Felicity
99 Reasons To Win.
Last update: 25th May 2014, 5:03 PM
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Set in a futuristic New York City, a division of extreme motor-sport known as Mort-Racing gives prisoners a chance to fight for their freedom.


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Mr. Whatever
You will be missed, I really loved this web-comic. Good luck on your future endeavors.
Aw dangit. I'll keep watching your dA at least, and who knows, maybe you'll come back to this someday..
Sad to hear, one of my favorites on this site. Good luck with what you do next!
Aw. Wish ya nothing but the best, buddy! Hope to see more of your work soon! :)
I guess it's kind of a Hiatus but more likely to never finish!

For the handful of people who stuck around, thank you. I'm sorry I cannot finish the story properly.

If you'd like to hear more about why I've decided to do this or see more of my work, my blog is below.
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