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Last update: 29th Sep 2020, 6:57 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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After a less than desirable demise, Auto must get used to his new life in the afterlife dimension of Kittyhell.

Felinophobia updates Saturdays, biweekly (every two weeks)! Be sure to check out the credits page and the author's other social pages!

- Blood & Gore
- Suicide & Murder, Death
- Themes of Hell/Demons
- (Possible/Potential) Mild NSFW (Jokes, Char. Design)
- Gruesome Deaths (Mostly in backstories, flashbacks, descriptions)
- Strong Language
- (Possible) Bugs
- Eyes/Eye Contact
- (Possible) Themes/Mentions of Religion
- Guns/Firearms & Knives
- Abusive Dynamics

Panels before triggering events will contain warnings for readers safety!

[Tags & Genres: Kittyhell, Felinophobia, Furry, Cats, Horror, Surreal, Hell, Gore, Death, Story, Plot, Edgy, Velltoons, Auto, Tomo, Philo, Astra]


hi, im vell
pan/polyam & taken by possibly the 2 best people alive <3 | she/they | autistic

i draw and write edgy stuff and people just let me!! i dunno why either!!
ceo of shamelessly kinning my own ocs

dummyhead / scenekid / no morals / furry / bonkers
cringe culture is dead let me live

i could take jeff the killer in a fistfight. i could turn that scrawny skinless 13 year old into a mcnugget. rip to whatever his bullies names were but im realistically written xoxo

kin list + etc in my carrd <3 [https://velltoons.carrd.co/]

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Hello everybody, sorry I've had to go onto such a long hiatus. But believe me, I have an explanation!

I've been dealing with chronic pain in my right leg and lower back for a few years now, but these past few weeks have been the worst its ever gotten. I've had to take a few trips to urgent care and have scheduled weekly chiropractor appointments to help.

However, now that the pain has gotten easier to deal with, I'll hopefully be hopping back onto a normal update schedule soon enough!

For now though, please have this panel I've finished right before the pain started acting up. Thank you all for being so patient with me!
Author Note
AN: finally updated again! sorry ive been gone so long, had to deal with some irl stuff.
im doing great btw, dont worry!

btw, new update schedule. im starting school again soon so i wont be able to post every week.
Author Note
Welcome to Kittyhell!

Note: This comic may have a very gory, eye-strainy, "edgy on purpose" style. If that makes you too uncomfortable to continue reading, turn back!

Pages before a possibly triggering event will include a warning.

As of now, I do NOT recommend anybody under 14 years of age read this webcomic.
The rating WILL change once things get more intense. Read at your own risk! Be safe!
Author Note