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A story about faeries with grudges, and about Tuomi, who's very good at unintentionally making enemies. Murder and court politics are imminent.


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I mean Oak is wrong obviously, I added more roses and everything, but what can you do, the masses do not understand
looks like shit?? you mean, looks fab as hell, 100% on point
whoooaaaaa please do not kill this one dude I know here in the Court, please, if you'd be so kind, I know he looks like shit and has some things outside that should be inside but you know
Author Note
(I swear Tuomi is not the chosen one)
Author Note
Ei oo totta, missattiin tämän kommentti ihan kokonaan! Hei, kiitos paljon, toivottavasti tykkäät lukea jatkossakin. :)