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Fatal Expression
A series of bizarre situations and socially questionable ways of dealing with them.
Last update: 14th Dec 2013, 11:51 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Fatal Expression is 100 comics worth of old content I made up about cartoonish characters who inhabit one home planet, an alien planet, and one really strange plane of existence in the middle of nowhere. There are a few art shifts that randomly occur throughout, which includes pixel art.
This comic updated every Saturday and every Sunday for almost a year until 100 strips were made. It was my first public comic series ever. Please do not subscribe; I'm not updating it anymore and won't update it again. However, you can check out Crack Putty if you want more content.


It's just Hindbodes, the guy who makes some comics when he feels like it.
Or when he feels guilty for not making them.
Fatal Expression is now the ancient past.
Crack Putty is the only thing that matters.

You live for the ants! The ant comics are all that matter!

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Sorry Dan. I accidentally made this guy look like you. In 2013. Not the best artist...
That's the end, folks! You just read FATAL EXPRESSION.

I've come a long way since finishing this comic. I've developed a much more stable method of putting panels together, and I finally learned how to put hair on the back of people's heads! Overall I'm glad I have moved on and pursued greater projects and ambitions.

There's a very stealthy pun hidden somewhere in this series - message me if you think you've found it!

If you somehow didn't know already; Crack Putty is my very next series in this line of webcomics. It's a bit of a different creation in the way it is structured. It comes in seasons, and while this hasn't meant anything yet, eventually I'm going to declare "End of Season 1." Then I'll announce my next series and go through that for as long as I need to, then when it's completed or otherwise taking a break I'll return to Crack Putty with Season 2. It's all pretty simple, really. Crack Putty is the putty of comics that goes between my serials and fills in the cracks.

My next webcomic which I plan to make in the future is going to be called Minecraft Fans. It's going to be a rather quirky story about some people who play Minecraft - without ever delving into that shady Two Gamers on a Couch trope - and go on r8 cool adventures. It's not going to have the crippling limitations of Fatal Expression or the suffocating lack of canon of Crack Putty, but it's going to have several shades of Fatal Expression and should have better art than both. It's going to be awesome. Really.
Author Note
We're almost there, guys! Almost at the very end.

This comic is about the ironic AU attitude towards certain wildlife that should get at least a small laugh out of anybody who has a basic understanding of New Zealand ecology. Kiwis are not supposed to be a hugely populated pest and you are not supposed to protect gorse bushes. That is, not if you live on Earth rather than whatever planet Fatal Expression takes place on. Something else I noticed just now is that this is also wrong in that this kiwi just came out during the daytime; kiwis are actually nocturnal.

I think kiwis do pretty much live underground, though. I think the only difference is that they roost at the bottom of tree roots.
Author Note
See that? That's what a tent really looks like. That's an actual, real tent that you can get, in real life, that isn't some over-popularized myth from the cartoons. It's not a giant triangular prism, damn it!

Wellllp. There's nothing for me to say about this one. The joke's pretty obvious and there's no glaring flaw or quirk in this strip worth mentioning.
Author Note
So, here's some kind of vaguely defined police force(/bounty hunters?).

One would be inclined to ask what the hell this large white room is. But I have no idea, and nobody ever will. There's something that I do want to know, however.
Do large completely white rooms exist anywhere in real life?
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