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Last update: 10th Feb 2021, 4:11 PM
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A group of 13 *cough* elite *cough* Blacktron Special Forces. They are the most well kept secret in all of the Blacktron Imperium. They are Fairly Expendable, Team Zeta.

They are F.E.Z.


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A superlative conception indeed! XD
Right in the middle of the photography session, I decided that raising the roof was not only a good idea for the comic, it was super easy to work into the pre-existing script.
Author Note
The M'tron base has grown a lot since we last saw it back in 44.
Author Note
on an unrelated note, I've noticed that the comic "The Right Wing" seems to have been removed from ComicFury. no trace of it. did it fall out of favor, comrade? is Der Furher displeased? just asking for a friend.

January 20th... the Purge begins.

sorry about this. we now return to your regular webcomic already in progress.
Relly B Tup's role here was originally scripted for Steve, but since he has taken a side trip to Crossover Championship, well, had to recast someone. Relly fit the bill as he had a mechanical arm. the dialogue isn't quite suited for Relly, though.
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