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Comic profile: Botur's Fight Squad!
Botur's Fight Squad!
Anger is the Best Source!
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 3 days ago, 8:45 AM
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Behold the demented world of Botur's Fight Squad - where the villains think they're in control, the heroes think they're making a difference, and the Sinister NooseCorp Media have an alarming number of fingers in pretty much every pie that's going! Apocalypse inc. versus The Armageddon Coalition versus S.C.U.M versus Intercomm versus everyone else.... it's superhero parody meets social commentary and satire in a massive head-on collision from which only hilarity may survive!


Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here - I am a New Zealand-based freelance graphic designer / illustrator / motion graphics artist, working and living in Auckland. I love dinosaurs, Transformers and bad sci-fi movies! I draw the comic strip Cosmos!! I can't stop ending my sentences with exclamation marks!!!

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3 days ago
In retailing parlance, a 'stock jockey' is a person who carts around products in a shop, unloading, unboxing and shelving them for later purchase. In Fight Squad parlance however, Stock Jockey is a wannabe supervillain with an intimate bond with the products he begrudgingly carts around for minimum wage - nobody knows how he manages it, but at his command letters and numbers on any printed material come alive and do his nefarious (although frequently juvenile) bidding, either on their own or assembled into gestalt 'typo-creatures' with greater flexibility and power. Quite why Stock Jockey remains at his place of employment, and doesn't simply pack it in and take his show on the road? Who knows? But he certainly seems to be enjoying bringing new meaning to 'Clean-up on Aisle three!'
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5 days ago
Once upon a time, there was a reclusive computer hacker called Lars Hannsen - he was at the top of his game, in peak condition, the cream of the data-filching crop. And yet.... boredom was starting to set in. When you were as good as he was, challenges worthy of his time - and actually worthy of called 'challenges' at all - were few and far between. What to do? Well, in an effort to unleash his 'ultimate potential', Lars took the next step in his one-ness with technology.... and uploaded himself onto the internet! Quite how he accomplished this is a matter of continued speculation (and where he plugged in the USB cable is best left unconsidered), but now he was the mighty Blogg: Scourge of the Dark Web! Able to teleport through ethernet lines worldwide, Blogg does battle with the most powerful internet security agencies one-on-one; concocting or mutating virulent computer viruses, kick down deadly firewalls, freeze up iPads and data tablets, and generally wreak havok across the web! Only one thing stiull baffles him - if he has access to every bit of online porn in existence..... WHY IS HE STILL A VIRGIN?!?!?!
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10 days ago
Much like S.C.U.M's rampaging oaf Thugsley, Dieitrch 'Rubberneck' Savan is fiercely protective of his beloved momma. Growing up on the mean streets of Kuala Lumpar, Deitrich devoted himself at an early age to looking after his family, after his father - rather unnerved by the fact his wife had given birth to a human rubber band - pretty much said 'See ya, Toots!' and walked out. Exploiting his super-elasticity, Deitrich embarked on a checkered career of both semi-honest work (performer at a run-down theatre, delivery boy, janitor) and less reputable activities (pick-pocketing, street-fights, muggings; you know, the usual).... until he came to the attention of one Armageddon-Lloyd Webber, who was on a global search for 'marvellous freaks' to join his performance troupe / criminal cabal A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Deitrich would join up, but only on one condition: get my Momma out of her drunken rut and into the life she deserves! No sooner said than done, young man, no sooner said than done....
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12 days ago
Enid 'Bible' Basher always had problem with 'The Good Book' when she taught it to her frankly indifferent succession of Sunday School classes: there was far too much love, forgiveness and redemption, in her opinion; and not enough punishment and abject ruination of sin. So, in her infinite wisdom, she decided to create her own addition to the greatest book ever published - The Book of Enid, where everything, and she meant everything, was the greatest affront to moral and spiritual decency the world had ever seen! Even the stuff that flatly contradicted the other stuff! With the tacit approval of her similarly-unhinged sister Agony Aunt, Enid set forth to tame the rebellious little Hellions that slouched through her doors every sabbath - by making them too afraid to even scratch their noses without her wrath descending unto them from on high! Maybe then the pair could get a bit of peace and quiet....
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6th Sep 2018
Mason's Log: Stardate.... sometime last week

One of my Dimensional research acolytes captured this image on a nightmarish, dying world a number of years ago; shortly before the subject of his frankly amateurish sketch overwhelmed and devoured him. It appears to be some form of delightful biomechanoid monstrosity, modelled on one of the great saurians that dwelt on our own Earth millions of years ago (well, until I travelled back in time and -- oops, said too much). Having come across the image again in my idle browsings, I wonder if it would be advantageous mounting another expedition to this alternate reality, in order to secure this magnificent creature for use by The Company.... Sneeve! Ready a squad of expendable minions, would you? The hunt is on!
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