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Fire & Darkness
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Last update: 27th Sep 2022, 2:05 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Follow Drei the Zangoose as she makes friends and deals with being a Shadow Pokemon. How much danger will her new friends endure to help her? Can she even be cured?


This project is concluded.


I'm alive. I'm just... really tired.

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Because it didn't work out for me to continue working on it as one.
Why is this no longer a comic?
It was my pleasure. Best of luck to you for your future artistic endeavors~!
That zigzagoon is so silly. I love him
As a fellow reader, I know the feeling. As a creator, I'm glad I could provide this much! I wish it could've ended as a whole comic full of the subtle details and side plots and smaller arcs that I had in my mind for years, but ah well. Perhaps in the future, I'll explore these characters' stories in other ways, but I've learned pretty solidly that long comics are not something suited for me at present and perhaps ever.

Thanks for sticking around to the end, such as it is! :)