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Webcomic profile: In The Firelands
In The Firelands
Updates Wednesdays
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 12th Oct 2011, 5:04 PM
Number of comics: 9
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Visitors: 23080 visitors (84443 pages viewed)
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Follow the tales from the Firelands! Taste the flames of Sulfuron! Updates Wednesdays


Most recent comments left on In The Firelands

12th Oct 2011
Well, sorry to say but i got busier in life than i thought i would, not really been going good and this comic is one of the lower priorities to handle in free time. It was fun bringing life to new outlooks on familiar faces that we usually take so serious, still had a few ideas, but lacked execution and now time as well.

Suprised at some hate i got though by making this a screenshot comic, i really wish i could draw good enough to of made this by hand, at least i could make what i did to show ideas that would otherwise be lost. But oh well.

Anyway, thank you all for reading =)

P.S: Shout out to Vesuvius from Horde EU Nordrassil, we still recruiting;)
Left on End
28th Sep 2011
I can see what's happening. What? And they don't have a clue. Who?

Btw, Vesuvius of Horde EU-Nordrassil are recruiting, have a look and see what we need, currently 3/7hc 25 :)

##Update 06/10/2011## Due to some real life issues, have no update this week :( Should be ready for next update though.
Left on More Than Love Is In The Air
25th Sep 2011
Model viewer i found from the site, they keep updating it ( :) As for map viewer, not using it, been running & taking screenshots without the UI showing.
Left on Like A Bridge Over...
21st Sep 2011
I think all the bosses are feigning death anyway. Notice how they keep coming back each Tuesday? The purples they drop are just to distract their would-be killers from discovering their still-beating hearts.

BTW, Where did you find a model and map viewer that supports 4.2?
Left on Like A Bridge Over...
21st Sep 2011
So if bosses had feign death.....hmm.....
Left on Like A Bridge Over...