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Where insanity is the norm.
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It's not your average... I don't even know anmore. Welcome to Fiyora, a world much like our own, aside from the existence of magic and strange creatures of various kinds living there. Follow the adventures of the young deity Ayako and her friends and family. But be warned, all is not as cute and fluffy as it may seem in Fiyora, with strange parasitic creatures appearing across the world...


Hey new account so I can manage Webcomics easier.Gonna be keeping Mai working on comics.Now that i'm used to college,I won't be distracted!Till another project comes my way lol.

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Anonymus (Guest)
28th Aug 2017
Be carful when trying to make videos, your IP address is public, I suggest taking down the video.
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kyler sutton (Guest)
6th Apr 2015
when morevideos
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Haft-breed greene (Guest)
6th Feb 2015
lol love this panel it's just flatout funny how he react's
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23rd Feb 2014
Tess Here!Mai went to my house and We discussed what Berri,Ayako,and Riyukoan would look like in their 20s!This led to a conversation about Ayako's curvy hips and her booty.Which led to this.Enjoy future Fiyora characters being...well weird XD
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wan wan kittty (Guest)
30th Jan 2014
well. i haven't visited in a while.
i should probably subscribe.
yeah that'd be a good idea. i missed so many pages....
anyways wonderful job like usual :3
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