Floating in the most peculiar way...
A cartoon about a boy and his imagination.
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Floating in the most peculiar way is a webcomic that takes a boy and his imagination to the furthest reaches of the galaxy...


My name is Chris! I love comics, video games, cartoons, Warhammer and all things Godzilla! I get a lot of inspiration from stuff like Adventure Time, TMNT, Ghostbusters, Godzilla movies, horror movies (especially the Universal Monsters) and stuff like that...

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She’s quite good at charades...
She really knows how to act like a chicken... feathers and all!!! Lol
Thanks Peter! I was going for a Star Trek type of teleporting... wasn't sure how well it was going to work
So I admired the great depiction of Andy teleporting in... and then saw your 'tried' comment. Your effort succeeded. :) Really, I'd just been thinking what a clever and effective solution for showing it in a single frame. The hyphenated word helps, too, as it forces the reader to stretch it out in their minds, causing an illusion of time and imagining those particles mixing about. Great job.
I tried to make it look like Andy used some sort of teleportation tech... 🤔
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