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A demon named Thurse has come back to earth thanks to a rift to hell. However, he was not the only thing that came through as other demons and hellhounds have begun creating havoc as well. Thurse with his "friend" Malak, who never stops yelling, try to make their way through the many different challenges of the world, while at the same time trying to find a way to close the Rift to hell.


Hi! I'm Noel, I love to create characters and write stories about them!|18| he/they |

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Sorry for the longer than anticipated hiatus. The world sucks but I decided to start updating again just cause doing so gives me some kind of schedule to my week. thank you for understanding!

ALSO new page size cause i realized the size i was doing originally was WAY too small
Author Note
Just read through the whole comic, really nice for far. I like the art and story.
This parts so funny when he says he's a demon. XD
[b]This comic is quite funny and I'm very interested in what will happen next.b]
It's just supposed to imply talking without having to write any dialogue! This is simply a quick montage page of Thurse of talking to random people in the town so I didn't think specific dialogue was needed