Frank & Jon and the Frankenjon machine
A Multiverse Comedy Adventure.
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Occasional Strong Language
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Two dudes venture through the multiverse of space and time. There's a big boobed mercenary, a handicapped ninja, a cyborg medic wiener dog, an insane robot, a giant mecha-zilla machine, a man with snakes for hands, a mouse, a crazy monkey, a midget dictator, an owl person, and of course Frank & Jon.
it's the scifi fantasy comedy adventure that your parents warned you about.
don't miss the hijinks, the ass pizza, the psycho berries, the dinosaurs, the cosmic crystals, the gadgets, the candy taco, the magic soup, the bee people, and other things of course.


i am nothing, nothing without God.
God is Good.
Christ is King.
have perfect faith and be grateful.

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coffee stain. enjoy.
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we reap what we sow
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