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Comic profile: Friendship is Dragons
Friendship is Dragons
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Genre: Fantasy
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A screencap comic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Equestria is a custom campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and the mane six are Player Characters. How will a party of six roleplayers fare in a world where the usual hack-'n'-slash high fantasy has been replaced by pastel-colored ponies?


An aspiring game-designer with interests in both board/tabletop games and computer/video games. More of a writer than an artist or programmer, but has a little bit of experience in both fields. Likes My Little Pony.

Most recent comments left on Friendship is Dragons

The Enigmatic Jack (Guest)
I used to have a necromancer who was fondly (well, kind of) referred to as The Florist. The DM let me adapt a few spells and abilities for him from other sources (was a 3.0 game) and one of them allowed him to animate and control dead animals (to the point that I could see what they see). It was an evil campaign, so starting out I used it mostly for sneakiness... I think we lured a dog out of a village, killed it and then animated it to send back into the village to scope things out.

And then I discovered that the wording was a little vague.

Instead of just zombifying animals, I figured out that I could get more troops and deal more damage in battle if I went with skeletons instead. And there was no level cap on it... the higher I went in level, the more skeletons I could create. I double-checked with the DM, who gave me the full go-ahead to use and abuse it to my heart's content. The skeletons didn't have to be fresh, or even "assembled"... they just had to be in the general area (as per the DM).

This led to The Florist getting a really nice bag of holding and turning battles into swarms of chicken skeletons washing over the enemy like a fever dream from Link to the Past.
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Freemage (Guest)
My most notorious character in the old 3.5 Living Greyhawk campaign was a Conjurer-turned-Alienist.

Often, while camping, he would use low-level Summons that hadn't been burned off during the day to call up a couple opposed-alignment creatures and have them fight it out, taking notes on the combat. When more squeamish characters objected, he pointed out that he was merely making certain that he understood the creatures' innate abilities well enough to best use them tactically for the benefit of the party.
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Dragonflight (Guest)
I recall a 3D&D game I'd been in at the time. I can't recall what we were being attacked by, but I whipped out a Monster Summoning, and decided to throw whatever I got at the bad guys.

What I got was giant acid slugs which (according to the description,) can swallow whole and blast clouds of acid on enemies.

Now, applying even a *little* logic to that statement above means it doesn't stand to reason that the slugs could *both* swallow a whole person *and* blast clouds of acid. So the GM decided it's a double-ended attack. It can swallow whole, or turn around and blast enemies with high-speed acid clouds the other way.

The enemy got badly melted. But the image of a half-dozen giant slugs farting acid clouds on our enemies was so traumatic that none of us *to this day* will touch a monster summoning spell if we can't somehow influence what we get. NO-ONE wants the farting acid slugs of doom again... :)
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I was part of a ponyfinder one-off on tuesday. We played side characters, mostly; Trixie, Zecora, Lyra, Tree Hugger, Spike.

But there was also Fluttershy. Which meant there was also Angel Bunny.

And the two of them DOMINATED the fights.

Angel always started jumping out of nowhere and nomming down on the baddie's face. And Shy had a crossbow, and it NEVER MISSED. The rest of the party was okay (except for Tree Hugger, who never scored a hit and couldn't even buff others properly), but those two... man. Fights were over before they began.
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With a large enough scale, everything can be little.
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