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A screencap comic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Equestria is a custom campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and the mane six are Player Characters. How will a party of six roleplayers fare in a world where the usual hack-'n'-slash high fantasy has been replaced by pastel-colored ponies?


An aspiring game-designer with interests in both board/tabletop games and computer/video games. More of a writer than an artist or programmer, but has a little bit of experience in both fields. Likes My Little Pony.

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There's a reason I've given up on conventional games: the fewer rules you have to remember, the easier it is to GM!
Broccoli cake just seems that much worse...
As far as I know almost all my games everyone has been sober, and whacky shenanigans happen a lot.

...Course, my friends could just have not told me cause they know I hate alcohol. But at the very least that means they were sober enough to fake it to someone who gets sick from the smell.
Not just DMing - any sort of performance comes with that adrenaline surge.
Winged Cat
That's (supposed to be) a broccoli cake - which is likewise not recommended.