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A screencap comic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Equestria is a custom campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and the mane six are Player Characters. How will a party of six roleplayers fare in a world where the usual hack-'n'-slash high fantasy has been replaced by pastel-colored ponies?


An aspiring game-designer with interests in both board/tabletop games and computer/video games. More of a writer than an artist or programmer, but has a little bit of experience in both fields. Likes My Little Pony.

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I think Swift Justice meant in the show. Which would be meta as all get out, even in a setting run from a place called Canterlot, so I can see why they avoided King Arthur references.
Applejack makes a reference to it in comic 1850
Exdeath from FF5 was a tree. I was shocked first time I got to that point, because he looked normal in humanoid form.
Saigyou Ayakashi.
It sure is, and it's one of the nice trees here. The Gympie Gympie has venom that causes so much pain it's been nicknamed the Suicide Bush.