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From Dust To Ruination
Born From Dust, Driven To Ruination
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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"Man is weak."

From Dust To Ruination is a tale of wonder, excitement, fear and despair as Tristan Dust accidentally releases the Demons of old that are more than happy to reeducate Mankind on who here is Creation's biggest mistake.

"Such a warm, life-affirming webcomic! That's what I think whenever I read FD2R and see demon tentacles scooping out eyeballs and best friends torn in half, yep <333" -Rufi


Updates are irregular (usually Sunday) but constantly being worked on.


Telling stories is my thing, no matter how ridiculous they get.

I practice many art styles (which makes it hard for others and for me to flesh out MY style), and I hope to one day create something you don't usually see in other people's works.

Ko-FI Commissions <3

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Wow, he must have gotten up with the wrong foot that morning...

...and that drink he had sure hits home... =P
Oh man, yeah, you kids better run FAST!

(this is a neat song btw)
Is is wrong? Probably.

Would I stop you anyway? Maybe I would, after all it's very wrong and teaching kids how to commit violence is - OH LOOK, A CONVENIENT DISTRACTION THAT IS TOO LOUD AND MESMERIZING FOR ME TO NOTICE ANYTHING ELSE, ESPECIALLY SOMEONE ENACTING JUSTICE SOMEWHERE.
@MST3KFan He really should step up a *little* more aggressively, before Terrence does something even worse to these two. And it was indeed Dust, yep!
@Don I mean, Dust in Crisis mode has been a bit of a sliding scale. Sometimes it's not great, but other times it goes well, even in improvisation. After all, he's also attempted to save one other person by smacking something in the dangerous person's face.

Case in point: