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Firesiders: Innocent Blood
"Greet the menace."
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A hotblooded intruder crashes into a pair of urban explorers within the halls of a dilapidated hospital. The last thing he wanted was to drag bystanders into his dreadful reality. Now he has more than himself to worry about as he struggles to keep a living monolith and its brood at bay, armed with flames and metal.

This project is something of a test run; a small-scale standalone story taking place in a future series titled "Firesiders". Innocent Blood is no longer canon, but I still aim to finish it up!


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Character-driven artist and storyteller with a lot of ideas and not enough head space. Defender of normies everywhere.

Most recent comments left on Firesiders: Innocent Blood

Well, that was a wild read so far! Looking forward to more!
I'm so grateful you're getting a kick out of it. ;)
You are indeed an evil god and I marvel at your creations!
They are in store for SO MUCH MORE running in the near future. But don't tell them. It'll be a surprise. >:)

You really made my week with this comment. Thank you for much for taking time out of your day to look through my comic. Really inspiring to hear what you think!
I reached the not-so-big 1-0!

It's crawling into the floor, guys. Just wanted to make that clear for any horribly confused readers. Maybe if I had it walking away and incrementally sinking into the ground instead of awkwardly shimmying down into it, this might've come out a million times more legible. I mean would you just look at that stupid arm in panel 2. Shameful! You also can't see the ground breaking apart very well because of the tarp being left behind...

If I ever redraw this short story, I know what's getting a massive overhaul. :'D

*Faints* It appears that the complicated ropey one is going to be out of my life for a while. Not only am I stoked to finally get back to drawing interactions with the protagonists, but legit dialogue is coming back too. Nevertheless, I can tell that rows of pages with no dialogue is likely just a part of my style. I'm not good with thought bubbles, monologues, "meanwhile..." inserts, sound effects (I'M TRYING THOUGH), or any other comic-centric tools that don't come naturally to my burdensome, film-based imagination. It's not that I won't ever use them. I'll just probably struggle with utilizing them more than average. But I'll get better at this. I'm determined~

A-aw. Noah in the last two panels. Expressions like that just make me sit there and wonder if I'm the baddie...
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