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Comic profile: Funny Joke
Funny Joke
Have A Joke - A Funny Joke
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 6:35 PM
Number of comics: 12
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 241 visitors (684 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Funny Joke! A Comic Series Dedicated to Funny Jokes! This is a special kind of comic that is made completely by hand. No rulers, not compass, no nothing. Just pencil and paper. And a printer that scans the picture. Updates every other weekday. Rarely weekends.


I just love to draw comics! By hand. I draw by hand.
This is my webcomic!
Funny Joke

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2 days ago
Just a filler :)
Sorry for the hiatus, I am dealing with a lot of life problems(¡̶̻̩̔ͦ͑ͤ͟¡͓́¡̲̃̄͡͝⋊͉͚ͮ̀ͯᴚ͚͎͗̌OͯM̆̀̇ͬƎ͔ͦW̢Ò̙͈̼̮̲̒̂́H̩ͤ), and I just needed more time.
doesn't my picture look kinda cool?

On a side note: Go here and join with this code: 6meaim
LOL it's kinda says "meme"
Left on Oop
Two weeks ago
Yay! 9!
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5th Sep 2018
Cus why not
Left on Pixel Thing
5th Sep 2018
I ran out of printer paper, thus the notebook paper. Is it just me? Or is the cliff getting bigger? Pbbt, probably doesn't matter.
Left on If I were to get a doller every time this cliff will appear, I will have the net worth of Scrooge McDuck.
4th Sep 2018
Yay!! 2 comics in 1 day!! Based on a true story(obviosly).
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