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Comic profile: Animal Instinct
Animal Instinct
An Unexpected Tail
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday
Number of comics: 436
Number of subscribers: 9
Visitors: 21048 visitors (126982 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.82 (218 votes)

Comic description

Nathan is a boy that gets turned in to a half man half dog type creature and is trying to find a way to reverse what happened while also dealing with his day to day life. Which is now nothing like he expected. Updates Mon - Wed - Fri.


Most recent comments left on Animal Instinct

Weylyn_ausiroth (Guest)
22nd May 2017
The plot thickens
Left on 20170522
Steph ORourke
19th May 2017
Steph ORourke
This was supposed to be Wednesdays update, so there will be another update tomorrow. :D
Left on 20170519
Steph ORourke
11th May 2017
Steph ORourke
I know this was supposed to be up yesterday. I have been stupid tired this week, not sure why (maybe coming down with a chest infection again - doc appointment on the cards). Anyway, I fell asleep before uploading it and when I woke up a few hours later, it never came back to my mind. So, sorry guys. ^.^
Left on 20170510
Steph ORourke
8th May 2017
Steph ORourke
Back to the bad boys.
Left on 20170508
Steph ORourke
28th Apr 2017
Steph ORourke
All those drugs can't be good for anyone. Poor Nathan.

So, this weekend I am planning to get ahead with some comics. This past week has been exceptionally busy for me. Work is exhausting and I just been relaxing when I get home. But I am off work next week. More time to draw, yes!

For those who are Patrons, from any level you will be able to view any strips I draw ahead of time a day early. I am aiming to do this as often as I can depending on how much time I have to build a buffer of pages. :D Also, starting this month, for $5 up, you can read entries from Nathan's Diary.

Patron is completely optional, but you can support the comic from as little as $1/month with no contract. Please check it out as it helps me afford new art supplies and means I can spend more time working on the comic. I hope to do so much more with it.
Left on 20170428