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A long time ago, in a parallel universe the world was created by 3 gods with a Power known as magic. But their plan to create a paradise went wrong. Luckily, the gods had a emergency plan. It is said that the chosen one will appear at the right time to restore the balance. Can he defeat the forces of evil or will the plan fail? the uncertain future of earth can only depend on the hero's decisions, which lie in his heart. the heart of fate


It IS my dream to make a Turn based Game similar to the Mario and Luigi rpg-series. I want to Show my ideas For the Story of the Game in Form of a Comic.

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Hello again ^^;
Author Note
the scene in the village was actually supposed to be longer. but so much has been said in the last few pages. now it's time for action again. if you want to see what i had planned for the next page check the Idea Palace. I will Upload what I meant later that day.
Author Note
I Take a Break For 5-7 days From this Comic. There are other Things I want to Care about now. For example Reading some Comics of Others and finally updating The idea Palace again. https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Furry_Tale_The_Idea_Palace/
Author Note
I realized that i overdid it with my huge Texts. I promise that The next Pages will Be normal again.
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