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What's inside the pages of this little book isn't so much a comic as it is a viewport into another dimension where you can follow Savunn's hectic life as a Cambodian teen (and superhero fan-gal) as she tries her best to make her mark as her world's newest superhero, Fusion! As reader, you will serve as her confidant as you watch the reality show of her life unfold with each turn of the page.


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Here's page 57 of Fusion #16, and Karelle gives Fusion an overview of what she's seeing. Keep in mind, from what Wandering Whistler and Blue Banshee discussed earlier about the "blackness" of the Space Out of Time, there is likely a lot more there that Fusion isn't physiologically capable of seeing.
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Maybe they are other Elders. To get some context, she should look back to where they came from.
I think they might be pretty little universes...
If those are not stars,then what are they?
Here's page 56 of Fusion #16, and our heroes get a moment to catch their breath in this strange place.
Author Note