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A comic mostly about video games, sometimes anime, some other nerd stuff, then


Daz Keaty
Daz Keaty
I swear like a fucking Irishman.

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i can almost taste the rage
All I can say is that once I sold boardwalk for cheap on Monopoly. The buyer? My wife. One of the many reasons why we don't play Monopoly at home anymore. Nor UNO.
Daz Keaty
Oh I'm going to haunt those responsible for it, mark the words on my tombstone. >:I
T_T Die mad about it, then.
Be thankful you weren't playing something else, like Munchkin, where screwing over other players is actively encouraged.
Daz Keaty
I'm not saying that this happened to me once in a game of monopoly and I'm holding a grudge about it to this day, but I consider this cheating and I WAS FUCKING WINNING. >:I

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