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Your weekly 1-stop for satire on roleplaying games, videogames, politics, and stuff. Not for the easily offended. Updates every Monday.


Some people's main purpose in life is serving as a warning to others.

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8 days ago
Heh, thanks.
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Firefly Jelly
10 days ago
Firefly Jelly
(clap clap clap)
In a nutshell, my friend. Neatly, succinctly, in a nutshell.
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11 days ago
While I was considering giving the movie a two months' grace period before the comic, it is still relevant enough to discuss while it's still opportune, so I pushed it up the publishing queue for "first thing next year."

I went to the theatre with full knowledge I was witnessing a trainwreck.
And a trainwreck was exactly what I got, so I'm not disappointed, I even enjoyed it (in my own, MST3K way, that is). At first I thought it was just going to be just the kind of trainwreck coming from "the movie for everyone (and thus, for no one), but then Disney just pulled a DnD 5E and decided to say "fuck all, this one's for the neckbeards."

I found particularly hilarious how this movie evidenced all misogynists out there. That guy in the row behind you nerdgasming at Palpatine's Dragonball-Z shit? He was definitely bitching at Rey "being overpowered" back during Ep 7. Their beef was never at a "badly written character," quoting Frank Trollman: they don't want to see girls doing boy things, period.

In any case, this trainwreck gets no skin off my back, I did have my best Star Wars in a decade, it was The Mandalorian.

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6th Jan 2020
No game-changing events in the tabletop RPG scene this year, no.

May we all survive this year.
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1st Jan 2020
You have my sympathies, for next year all the crazies are coming out of the woodwork in force.
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