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Set in the pre-Abrahamic Near East (Phoenicia, Canaan, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, etc.)-inspired world of Mykem, Dunes of Gehinnom is a comic which features the journeys of a young anthropomorphic oryx (called Rhimm' in Mykemian) called Ard', as he wanders across the 4 corners of his continent in an infinite quest for knowledge. However, to follow the Creed he has sworn on as a pupil under his master Rezon', he takes on jobs seen beneficial to the societies he visits to use his knowledge to help other mortals, such as being a librarian, astrologer, translator, and so on.

However, in the land of Mykem also roam mighty yet terrible Gods (known as Ilim in Mykemian) who in fact are ancient forces of nature, and as some of them fear Ard's quest and Gnostic ability may interfere with the processes they have set in the world, they occasionally set out to impede him in his quest as much as possible, despite one of his Creed's statements stating to respect the laws of his world and not to alter them too much unless if desperately necessary. But the Ilim are too held back by their ancient strength and dread to accept it.

Accompanying and supporting Ard' at times are companions and acquaintances, hailing from different tribes and nations. (Some parts of the story may not just focus on Ard' but on them, in fact) Even though most of them are helpful, they come and go often, though some return either by chance or with will. They usually accompany him with purposes of their own, but at the end, both Ard' and his companion(s) achieve what they wish after much effort, or at least to a certain extent.

Despite the harsh conditions, our young oryx will do all he can to sustain himself through the maddening troubles of his land, whether it be in the desert or civilisation.


S. R. Lin is an average secondary school student living in the middle of a blazing hot tropical island by the name of Singapore. His interests mainly include Pokémon, anthros, ancient history, the Cthulhu Mythos, religions/mythologies, Evangelion, and so on. His hobbies include eating and drawing on his Wacom One tablet, learning languages, and occassionally, playing the piano. He mostly shuns mainstream culture, with all the pop music, fads and Vines running about, although he takes part in some of them for the sake of his real life buds, and prefers to listen to ancient/traditional music from all over the world, even of obscure cultures, and build worlds in his head. Despite being in many fandoms, he does not obsess over any particular characters of each fandom he is in, or fanboy. He aspires to be a manga/comic artist working for companies like Gangan Comics or Dark Horse, but he doubts that he would achieve his dream given how sucky he believes his skills are.

You can see his other work and fanart at the following sites:

deviantArt link 1: laopokia.deviantart.com
deviantArt link 2: nyariy.deviantart.com

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This place is home to a myriad more species, mostly based on the fauna of the Middle East. There are some native-to-this-world varieties, though.
So what are they ,goats?