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Genji Gami
A webcomic in the realm of hidden spirits, updated every other Monday
Last update: 11 days ago, 12:00 PM
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Spirits are everywhere, in the living, and in the nonliving. Tori, a not-so-average girl, discovers there are others like her, those that can awaken the dormant spirits in everyday objects. Together with Genji, an odd boy who totally isn't crushing on her, and his grandpa, they defend themselves against the elitist Taira family, and protect humanity from the perils of Tsukumogami.


I consider myself a freelance cartoonist, although I have done more than a few other things. I love cartoons, comics, and anime, and hope to inject some inspiration into the realm of media.

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Didn't finish the comic for this week. Too much going on.
Author Note
Things have been pretty crazy lately. No, I am not feeling sick, but I may end up being overwhelmed by life in general. Basically, doing my art in general may be more difficult in the future.
Author Note
The holiday season has been pretty busy (I actually learned to cook a turkey!), so no new comic this week.
Author Note
New comic pages coming soon.
Author Note
To be honest, I almost considered not using this scene.
Author Note

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