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A journey in search of belonging
Last update: 12th Sep 2020, 8:35 PM
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A girl, wanted for murder, is traveling incognito in search of her family. She will be involved in the plots of a vengeful Spirit.


Ghea is composed of 3 stories, tells the journey of a group of people looking for their place in the world, It is set on a living planet whose spirit is connected to every creature that lives on it.

This world is dying because of *something* that happened when it was newborn. People die and each death bring a livid in Ghea, also the dead come back first as Wild Spirits then became Lost Ones, dangerous creatures who bring death and destruction.
Only the Purifiers are able to connect the dead with the Spirit of the world and avoid this scars at the beginning.

In the first story "Echo of the Spirits" we meet Alsya, a false Purifier that for some reasons is fleeing away from a group of Executioners. She is looking for Remines, an important Summoner, and with her friend Mihaki and her Shadow Anzan she began a journey that will lead to ancient secrets, links with old Spirits and stories that are burried under the earth and forgotten. A journey that will lead to discover Ghea origins and the salvation or destruction of their Spirit.


On earth since 1986. I love ghost stories and dream-reading. Ghea is my dearest project, I am doing my best to bring it to life, I hope you'll enjoy reading!

my avatar is my oc Ashu from Serena Verde - www.deviantart.com/serenaverdeart

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Congrats on finishing the chapter, and all the best with chapters 8-9! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and looking forward to how the story will progress <3

Also, I apologise for missing previous update about hiatus - I hope your situation has improved since and things are okay now! Take care of yourself, and again, all the best ; u ;
Congratulations on finishing the pages of the next chapter, dear!!!! These sketches look so awesome! Little Mihaki is the cutest! We will wait patiently for the full pages, so don't overwork yourself!
Hello everyone!
I have some news for you!
I've finished drawing chapter 7!

Chapters 7-8-9 are part of a single long flashback of Alsya, and, to maintain stylistic coherence, I decided to draw all the pages of this part without pause and only then continue with the coloring.
This is why the publication will not resume for now.

I'm a sorry because I can't wait to share everything with you, but know that even if I'm not active on the page I'm working hard and I'll be back soon with many chapters!
I decided to give you a series of "preview" about what is happening behind the scenes, see you soon!

Author Note
Get better soon!
Hope things get worked out for you. Take all the time you need.