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Random art dump...sometimes comics
Last update: 6th Feb 2021, 3:00 PM
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Mostly just random art, usually Pokemon (though at this point I can just say usually Mewtwo).


Hi, I'm Gigi!

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Thank you so much!

Yeah, Smackjeeves was the only online archive for it, but I do still have all the files. I'll look into making it available online somewhere again. Probably as a ZIP file though, I never finished the trilogy so I'd feel bad uploading it to ComicFury without a conclusion (and there's a lot of pages so that'd be a lot of effort o-o). I'll look into it and let you know when I figure something out! I really appreciate your interest in it though, thanks!

FYI if you ever need to DM me (or anyone on ComicFury) you can click their username, then at the bottom of their profile there's a link to "Send this user a private message".
it's really good. The purple shade on the snow and clouds that then fade into the orange and pink near the sun really make the piece work.

However I am here for an ulterior purpose. I'm not familiar with comicfury so if there is a DM function and I'm just not seeing it, I apologize. But when Smackjeeves folded in, your old EOS Nuzlocke comic kind of went down with it. I really enjoyed the comic, and unfortunately the webarchive did not save the images. I was wondering if there was another site in which I could view it? Or if the Smackjeeves was it.
Your welcome! I wish I could draw Half as good as that!
Thank you!! :D