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Reupload of my PMD: Sky Nuzlocke from 2012! Pages are posted daily.

Gigi's Sky Nuzlocke was a Nuzlocke comic of PMD: Explorers of Sky. It was originally hosted on Smackjeeves and ran from 2012 to 2014(?). When the Smackjeves site went down, the archive of this comic was lost so I'm reuploading it here now!


Hi, I'm Gigi!

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Oh wow I didn't know about this! It has a lot more than I expected (looks like it has 4/6 of my old SJ comics). HTML layout is weird, but it does have a pretty decent record of the comments! Well the post-"Smackjeeves visual overhaul which screwed up all the comment order/nesting" version of the comments at least. Thanks for sharing that!
It's fun for me to remember back on these milestones. When I was all the way back at 50 pages I definitely had no idea where things were going or that I'd hit 400+ pages! We've got plenty more to go!

And congrats on discovering webcomics and learning English! Welcome to the world of "how many webcomics is too many to follow" haha XD
Let's go (в путь) intensify
So the yellow elephant is a con artist.
It's not like he is a kidnapper...