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"Gimme Dat Mummy" is a 4 issue horror-comedy in the vein of "Zombieland" meets “Hell or High Water”. It follows Juan Preço as the prisoner of The Mummy as they rob banks, drive fast cars, and stack bills, all against Juan’s wishes. Problems occur when Juan's daughter is accidentally shot during a robbery, and now Juan must figure out a way to get rid of The Mummy and use the wealth he acquired to save her life.

This story is unlike any in its genre because it melds the best of classic MGM horror and modern era heist movies.

Audiences will respond to the themes of capitalism, and the lengths a father will go to save his relationship with his daughter. But more importantly, they’ll love the brutal blood-filled creative shootouts with a THE MOTHER FUCKING MUMMY AND HIS MACHINE GUNS.


Erick Freitas is a writer from NY/NJ. He's written three short films and directed one. He's also written for multiple franchise comic books such as "Judge Dredd", "Godzilla, and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". While also creating his own original IP such as Amazing Forest, Oort, and GimmeDatMummy. Other accolades include being selected as a 2nd Rounder in Austin Film Festival 2018, 2020 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Finalist, 2019 Filmmatic Horror Festival finalist, and being accepted into the 2020 Russian International Horror Festival. Also receiving solid coverage from sites/festivals such as Blcklst, BlueCat, Austin, and Bulletproof Screenwriting.

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