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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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In a fairy kingdom ruled by beautiful colored wings, a fairy without has no easy future.


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Nice catch, thanks! :D
She has a point that they don't want to start a war with the goblins by seeming like they're up to something. But if something bad has happened to the goblins, they also don't want to draw the attention of whatever caused that. Some kind of compromise is needed.
Surprisingly, she makes a decent point.
She wants to speak her piece in peace ;)
It appears from earlier pages that the goblins are on the verge of starting something without her awareness or consent already, 'diplomacy' that's already doomed to fail might just give them the excuse they need, if they need one, there's nothing like a good pre-planned 'diplomatic incident' to cover for what you were going to do anyway. it happens a lot in most countries, particularly the ME and Africa and Western diplomats appointed because of who they know and not what they can do neverseem to realize that and end up trying to appease those who cannot be appeased.
I mean... yeah I wouldn't open my door if my mean neighbors came over looking and acting all weird either.
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