PMD: Gleaming Hearts
Join Jake in his journey to find his place in the world of Pokemon!
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A new soul is thrust into the world of Pokemon. Jake is a Riolu who is given a great deal of responsibility only minutes after he first awakens. To stop those with malicious intentions, he must harness a special power given to him by a saintly Diancie. Along his quest, Jake will meet a plethora of friends and foes, all while trying to discover his true purpose in this strange, new world.

Story by: Fidchell, Aberdeen, ShadyHades, Noelram, and WhiteStripedScarf.

Lineart by: Fidchell / Coloring by: Fidchell, Meep and Bane

Comic will be updated every 3-4 days whenever possible!

You can also see the webcomic on Tumblr!

Started on Aug 2017 and still going strong!


Creator of PMD: Gleaming Hearts! I love creating my own Pokemon characters and worlds.

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i think thats a bad offer
Welp, she just got added to my villain list.
Trinkets? Baubles? Would a certain one be the stone hanging from your brooch?

He's supplying you with useless doo-dads and he's to be trusted? Yeah this is a major red flag.. You guys should really get out of their quickly... Screw what Nirvana wants... Aria doesn't strike me nearly as incompetent as her guards...

Suspicious Kiln is adorable. But then again when is Kiln not adorable?
"That guy is in cahoots with a nefarious villain!"
"I doubt it. I mean, look how many valuables or mysterious and unknown origin he's lavished me with! "
People won't think gems are a charitable one.