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“An Overflowing Bubble of Borbulent Baubles”

In these dark days of pasty-faced demagogues and widespread intellectual destitution, I’ve come to the rational conclusion that THE WORLD NEEDS BETTER SMUT - or at least, THE KIND OF SMUT THAT I LIKE.

In the THE GLOAMING you will witness cock-crazed feral nymphets ravaging the countryside in a rape-frenzy, uninhibited violent girl-fights and orgies of genetic mutations. Pouty teenage girls with round soft parts, gleefully poking things in and out of their wet spots. Writhing forms of indeterminate organic matter copulating with profane ecstasy, mashing themselves together in an undistinguishable mass amidst sub-audible groans of fetid pleasure.


Please understand that I do this not for my own onanistic gratification, but for the greater good of fellow beings. I DO THIS FOR YOU.

When self-abuse has become the ultimate form of personal rebellion, it is time to take matters in your own hands! Please consider this comic as a handy visual aid when you’re fiddling with your private parts (however you may define them. I’m not one to judge.)

Remember. money is only an idea. Comics are forever.


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I’d love to have cute elf girls sit on my face.
Yes, please.
I'm sure these ladies can unhinge their jaws well enough to accommodate Gomper. Not sure about any other body parts though.
I had to do some tweaking to this page. I had to reduce the size of Gomper's schlong to more believable (but still enormous) dimensions. In the original version, it was the size of a tree trunk; which I imagine, for most young ladies, is more off-putting than arousing.
Author Note
Sure, sure.

But I'm not talking about the morality of it all. I'm talking about the narrative necessity. If it's something that needs to be shown in order to establish something be it about the girls, or Abe, or the town they live in, or something, then it works. Same as your killing example, the killing occurs because it's saying something about someone or somewhere. That's why most horror flicks fall so flat: it's very boring to see a line of prep boys and girls getting murdered in gruesome ways just for the sake of having death on screen. That's not good entertainment. When the deaths are thematically linked (not mechanically linked - it's about the message, not the method), or the new deaths happen as a consequence of the plot moving forward, then great. Otherwise, it's just torture porn.

It becomes difficult to justify in any other way other than gratuitous rape, which is not content that adds much to the world, and usually implies bankruptcy on the creator side.

As a side note, i did say "Gotta see where it goes". I'm perfectly fine with rape, death, torture, etc. It just has to be relevant. I don't pass judgement until I see the whole work, but I'm free to comment on how this is not very wholesome. Which it isn't. My fact from fiction is perfectly fine.

Moving on. It's not really empowerment or sexual liberation when it's done abusing someone else. It's just a continuation of violence. Therefore, if The Gloaming is going to present its girls as heroines, or as symbols of feminine emancipation, this is going the wrong way.

I repeat, gotta see where this goes. I just really hope it doesn't go there. But art must present itself as is, without attaching morality to it. However, the moment
the author says "I would hope that people take it as a celebration of the lady-parts over which each woman should have her own autonomy.", it's moving it away from smut, to actual political art, and unless you want to encourage this kind of comments, is best to keep it in smut. Smut's fine, but pretending smut has an actual empowering or feminist rethoric, is a disservice both to smut and political art.

I love smut. I enjoy porn. It's all very valid, and very hot. I like political art. I find polite debate strengthening and illuminating. But there's spaces for that. If I see something marked as smut, I will enjoy it for what it is: low-brow, morally or ethically questionable content that I choose to consume based on my perversions and affinities. If I see something marked as political art, I will enjoy it for what it is: high-brow, morally or ethically aligned content that I choose to consume based on my perspectives and world visions.

But they are not really compatible. You can't take a side regarding anything and portray it differently on smut, and, conversely, you can't take questionable content and pretend it has a place in a moral or ethical discussion.

It's pretty much that. Long diatribe, but it comes from a place of love, and with no intention of undercutting or sparking conflict. Just a rant about a personal take on what appears on this page, both in the comic, and the comments.

P.S: I'm not offended, triggered, or anything like that. If it turns out to be that rape is fine when the heroines does it, I'm a grown up, and can simply say "I do not like this" and that's that. Not preaching here, just typing my opinion.

Carry on fellas. Let's see where The Gloaming takes us.