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Finding the truth of tales past.
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In a world abandoned by the Gods exist two clans, the Sun Clan and the Moon Clan, entangled in a war so timeless, none know of how it first began. When the Prince of the Sun Clan finds himself a captive of the Moon Clan, a chain of events is set into motion that will see this war torn land changed forever.

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I'm an Education major in college who's also always loved drawing and making comic. I decided on teaching for a career, but that doesn't mean I can't work on the other things I love on the side. I'm a hobbyist by definition, but my comics are as important to me as my teaching.

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Haha! That's probably way more cordial than some of my characters can be at the moment! And with some understatements for sure, but the point still hits!
Yeeeah, she does have a reason to be in a bit of a hurry :' D
"...You know, princess, it may surprise you to learn that I do not actually do that much back in my kingdom. I am preparing for rulership, yes, but my days mostly consist of lessons, attending to my few modest hobbies, and avoiding my father. Failing that, I typically receive a beating and a... well, I suppose you could call it a 'lecture,' but it is usually more of a rant. My point being that I have finally realized that you have effectively given me a vacation here in your lovely kingdom, and I would be remiss to decline such an offer. That is not to say that I do not wish to return to my kingdom! I worry for my sister, you see. Father can be a brute, and without me there to act as a buffer, I fear for her."
Potentially losing your best bargaining chip does that to you ;)
She does; certainly different from how she portrayed herself earlier!