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Something has shifted in the world. Sheltered deer twins, Runi and Nero, will get to see it all unfold.
Updates on Thursdays.


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4 days ago
Bet his positive personality tooks a dive if a person shows,even after him showing and telling about his religious views,that they're not buying it🤫
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4 days ago
I KNEW it!I felt doubtful of him seeming way too nice. He's the type of religious that goes 🙄gosh you don't know?😑 Have fun,Nero!🤦‍♀️
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Guest (Guest)
5 days ago
Kasco; *Invites two foreigners to follow him to a gathering* *gets annoyed that they're foreign and unfamiliar with his religion*
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rico (Guest)
5 days ago
Just read this from page 1 and wow! Takes me right back to the "everyone has a feral animal comic" stage of deviantart that I loved so much.

Gorgeous artwork! I'll definitely be keeping tabs on your comic!
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One week ago
Now I imagine him Scottish sounding.
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