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Trough the path of the sword...
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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In a world of swordsmanship five individuals travel trough a painful and unpleasant path of the sword to redemption...


Once i tried to draw a manga-style comic. The worst decission ever made, since i don't want draw now anything else... :P

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Comfortable and enternaining to read; it makes me feel good and motivated :).
Waffle Works

For those interested in this sort of things - there is a Goshibito wiki out there. Check it out. Also, a button to the wiki appears from now next to the banner.
Author Note
Author Note
“How Could I Miss IT?!?!”
No, seriously! I didn't come up that i could do an April Fools joke... Shame on me!

Filler? Tricky, 'coz I usually racing with the realases. I'm juzt trying to be honest - one page everyday (plus one when the chapter begins) and a special page (maybe this is sometimes pointless but the new format is a bit of filler - it skips a part that could be a seperate chapter into an one-page dialogue/monologue). Then again the 'flashback chapters' (those focusing on characters past, Daikon's coming soon) helps to make changes in the current storyline (i.e. Kashmir Polk was written in before Daikon's arc).

In general, I didn't do such things. On rare ocassions there simply would be a skip in publishing caused by running out of material.

Thanks for posting!