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Comic profile: Goud
A tale of war and love
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 7th Oct 2018, 8:16 PM
Number of comics: 34
Number of subscribers: 6
Visitors: 16280 visitors (249286 pages viewed)
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Comic description

A comic about love, loss and men with three eyes. Mature readers only. Contains LGBT + characters, gay romance, BDSM and femdom.


LJ Phillips
LJ Phillips
I'm a former art lecturer and bodyguard (which sounds much cooler than it ever was) who has been building a fantasy fictionverse for a couple of years. I've participated in numerous group exhibitions, had three solo exhibitions and published several short stories. My work is mostly digitally painted but occasionally blends 3D and photographic techniques.

Most recent comments left on Goud

LJ Phillips
7th Oct 2018
LJ Phillips
End of the first Goud mini-series. We'll find out more about the fate of Quartz & co in the main Smoke,Fur And Stone comic.
Left on Walls 27
LJ Phillips
29th Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
Ah, the awkward apology. We've all been there.
Left on Walls 26
LJ Phillips
22nd Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
Whithers always did have a pretentious streak. It's part of why he has very few friends*. Even Quartz, thought normally quite tolerant, probably isn't receptive to this little lecture right now.

Notes: *Whithers got beaten up a lot as a kid.
Left on Walls 25
LJ Phillips
16th Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
Whithers is so comforting.
Left on Walls 24
LJ Phillips
12th Sep 2018
LJ Phillips
Exciting News

For the next three months or so, I will be updating Goud: Walls once a week on Saturdays. This will allow me to simultaneously work on a second comic depicting what's happening to other characters while Jordan & co are stranded.

This second comic will be titled Smoke, Fur And Stone: Inkubus. It will be posted on the main comic site.
Left on Walls 23