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So... yeah. Some time ago, I went on an archive binge on Darths & Droids. If you know what I'm talkin about, then you probably know what's coming up. I decided to give it a shot and here's what I came up with: One Piece if it were a roleplaying campaign, Grand Line 3.5. :p


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This is where a weird epic plan that involves a bird running about pays off.

Yeah but from a pure practical standpoint it's faster to just kick him for a quick and easy kill. Unless this is somehow going to be a single round which... wouldn't put past D&D grapple rules honestly...
remember what she does in the actual story? A grapple is just set up to start crushing the life out of him.
At first I was like "2 damage? Psh, that's nothing, Usopp can take it-", but then I remembered that he is at negative health already. Very lenient of Valentine to use a grapple for whatever reason instead of simply attacking him, since at this point pretty much any real hit will kill.
Had to look up what Die Hard does.

So since Usopp is currently between -1 and -9 HP, the feat automatically stabilises him. Phil has chosen to act as disabled instead of dying as well, so he can take a single move action (At half speed) or a standard action. He can't do full round actions.

Movement doesn't injure him, but standard actions (or any action that's deemed strenuous) has him take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If he hits -10 HP, he dies there and then.

So the big question is this: How much HP did Usopp end up on?