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One Piece: Grand Line 3 Point 5
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Webcomic description

So... yeah. Some time ago, I went on an archive binge on Darths & Droids. If you know what I'm talkin about, then you probably know what's coming up. I decided to give it a shot and here's what I came up with: One Piece if it were a roleplaying campaign. :p


Most recent comments left on One Piece: Grand Line 3 Point 5

Phantomdemon (Guest)
Worst comes to worse, he could roll perception to see if Luffy and Smoker's fight is still within eyeshot.
Left on Page 1253
BakaGrappler (Guest)
And how will he reach the docks...?

"I go towards the sounds of fighting."
Left on Page 1253
Heyoceama (Guest)
At that point I'd start double tapping and maybe burning bodies.
Left on Page 1252
Phantomdemon (Guest)
I would have no problem with that, if the cop in question wasn't a fellow Player Character.

That's really the big issue I have with this. As it stands, Smoker is leagues ahead of everyone in terms of power as he simply can't get hit for the most part.

Like, Nami and Ussop aren't weak, not particularly strong mind you, but not weak. They're more normal characters, while Zoro and Luffy are explicit combat/melee builds and they make up for it with the mass amounts of Flaws they have. They're balanced, not so much in combat, but in skills as a whole.

Maybe if it was mentioned that to get this stuff that Smoker had to take a huge number of Flaws or something, but as it stands, it doesn't seem like he has as many flaws as Zoro, yet is still stronger then Zoro.
Left on Page 1252
Poker (Guest)
the get defeated on first try then come back stronger/with the propper way to fight back later is something i can really enjoy once or twice, but every boss is way too much.
Left on Page 1252