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One Piece: Grand Line 3 Point 5
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Comic description

So... yeah. Some time ago, I went on an archive binge on Darths & Droids. If you know what I'm talkin about, then you probably know what's coming up. I decided to give it a shot and here's what I came up with: One Piece if it were a roleplaying campaign. :p


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Kingpendragon (Guest)
27th Jul 2017
I don't mind. My brother also makes the same joke whenever I use this name.
Left on Guest Comic - (Kingpendragon)
27th Jul 2017
I was already curious about how the other crew members would get in. Secondary characters, that's a thing I did not think about.

My Guess:

Luke - Luffy and Robin
Nat - Nami and Brook
Phil - Ussop and Frankie
Cory - Zorro
GM - Sanji
Rika - Klabautermann and Chopper
Left on Page 1004
27th Jul 2017
Let me see if I remember it right.
I think it started when my group got thrown into prison. Of course we try to break out and fall through the roof to meet the NPC that was about to hire us. To this day I do not know whar his name was. I know that it was something with a M in front. The whole time we called him names like "Maccaroni", "Mussolini" and most of the time "Mosquito". He did not pay us and ordered to kill us, which may or may not be because we didn't know his name.
We also tortured him to death to get information about the guy he was working for.
You know. Just hero stuff.
Left on Page 897
27th Jul 2017
As I binge through to the latest update, I hope that this will escalate into a DM vs GM fight.
Left on Page 881
Guest (Guest)
27th Jul 2017
Would he have ink breath?
Left on Guest Comic - (Kingpendragon)