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One Piece: Grand Line 3 Point 5
A webcomic
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Genre: Comedy
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Comic description

So... yeah. Some time ago, I went on an archive binge on Darths & Droids. If you know what I'm talkin about, then you probably know what's coming up. I decided to give it a shot and here's what I came up with: One Piece if it were a roleplaying campaign. :p


Most recent comments left on One Piece: Grand Line 3 Point 5

BakaGrappler (Guest)
Left on Page 1226-1227
Phantomdemon (Guest)
So, that's going to be "Luffy's" connection to 'Roger'
Left on Page 1226-1227
Standart Steve (Guest)
"I got what they do! Maybe..."
Make Weapon electric.
And wham, critical hit? But rubber makes him immune! Critical hit one way or another, no damage!

At least I think that is it...
Left on Page 1225
Hmmm IIRC she’s a cleric? so maybe this is some kind of divine intervention? Not sure if that’s a thing in this system but it is a thing in 5e.
Left on Page 1225
Phantomdemon (Guest)
2 days ago
Well, he mentioned getting a text, so I think Merry just cast some sort of weather spell in hopes of pulling something off.
Left on Page 1225