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It's a god eat god world.
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In so many stories about fantasy worlds, the protagonist encounters some ancient gods who have been locked away for zillions of years, and possess incredible wisdom. They are usually reserved, grave, dignified, and powerful. They point the protagonist in the right direction and aid him in every way they can, which is usually not so very much. They vaguely recall massive wars and squabbles with each other that stretched over hundreds of years and impacted the lives of mortals worldwide. Their histories, and their motives, are mysterious.

Grayling is a story about a few such gods and how they got that way.


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I love the consent dynamic of this training. This does seem like a very spiritually intimate activity, even if it isn't sexual.
Absolutely, he was only perceiving it as an annoying anomaly at first, and his own aperture keeps him awake blinking on and off. They're actually really annoying hahaha
That seems like a neat ability, but also like a really irritating one. I hate floaters in my eyes.
Agreed. Fern goes through so much BS.
It's a relief to see someone treat Fern well for once!