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A medieval fantasy. Sometimes bizarre. Sometimes funny. Sometimes scary.
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A Conductor with a silent orchestra. A masked audience that watches you instead of the stage. A knight that wants to eat a princess. A Gnome that dances the Waltz. A mysterious swordsman who wields a blade that can cut EVERYTHING... The world of Grimm's Edge is a strange one. If you dare to enter it, be ready for a journey of a special kind.


I'm Andy Grail and I work as a graphic designer in Germany. I'm also an independent author and illustrator for my own graphic novels. I love to entertain people with my stories and always try to break into new territories and genres. I hope you like and enjoy my work, and decide to support me on my way, so I can keep doing what I like to do best.

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It's a very simple Photoshop effect. The pages are in black and white. I make a grey surface and then add the screentone filter which turns it into black dots. Very simple.
Thanks for the question!
What’s the effect that you’ve added to achieve that printed look?
Thank you so much! I can assure you that this is only just the beginning! Things are going to go insane after Act 5... so stay tuned!
This is absolutely incredible; the pacing, the joke delivery, the action, the suspense, the CHARACTER DESIGNS hoooooooh

I'm in love with your linework in general oh my lord, so looking forward to where this goes!
She is.