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Wake the Dead
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Welcome to Grinder$ where the girls of Haute Coffee Bikini Baristas sell sustenance and suspense to lonely truckers, frazzled defense industry drones, and horny Air Force grunts. But beware of their coffee--some say it can wake the dead.

Updates at least 3 times a week with a superb comments section.

(for mature audiences--casual objectification, graphic descriptions of sexual acts, Augean amounts of profanity, and general skeeze)



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Most recent comments left on Grinder$

Maggie and Jo may get along quite well by now, but if they need an additional issue to empathize with each other and to bond over: How about having a moronic sister!?
Why am I not surprised that Maggie drives a Volvo?
Heh heh, maybe you should have let that call go to voicemail. xD
Note to self: if I don't properly develop characters and Lirv gets ahold of them, they will be more acidic, snakey, and terrible than I had planned. This is more than fine. I sometimes get a little too sympathetic with my peeps. I like this portrayal and dynamic.

This page gave me a good warm fuzzy. Felicia and Maggie are great together...

I'm not shipping them, YOU'RE shipping them... or not.

Anyway, ya gave me a smile, good sir.