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Trouble Is Brewing
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Donna Panks can sell anything! But when management threatens to run the company into the ground, will she wind up back where she started, slinging lattes in a bikini? Only one thing can be sure: trouble is brewing!

Comics on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, because that’s when you need them.

(for mature audiences)


"Armchair generals do not win wars—get to work."

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Phoenix In Crisis
I think the financial director has issues.
SERIOUS issues!
Eschaton? Hooo boy...

(Ever hear of the Eschaton Choir? Yeah, I came up with those and did all the design sketches)
Ariane Eldar
Well, if daddy wants his wifey wearing daughters clothes while they're doing bolty-bolting, that means... spank me, that's not family-show-and-bla.
lends a disturbing new angle to the phrase "cake eater"
yup rib cage but we'll be coming back to that car crash later...