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Trouble Is Brewing
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Donna Panks can sell anything… anything at all.

Welcome to Grinder$, where trouble is *always* brewing.

Updates at least 3 times a week with a superb comments section.

(for mature audiences--casual objectification, graphic descriptions of sexual acts, Augean amounts of profanity, and general skeeze)



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I will never make a Wiki. I'm a storyteller, not an archivist, and I get little satisfaction from such distractions.
@ sigpig:
I swear, if I had Hermione Granger's time-turner (or any other fictional device that allows you to stretch out your time available per day), that "someone" would be me...

@ lirvilas:
A cast page with links to other cast pages sounds indeed very useful!

@ Cor:
A Wiki as envisioned by sigpig may not exist (yet...?). However, there are projects that go at least a bit in that direction:
- Stilldown created a large crossover compendium in PDF format.
- An Jay042 recently pointed out the Kaza's Mate Gwenna section in the ComicFury wiki (where at least a few of the crossover connections cropped up already).
I’ll grant you that I’m overdue with updating my cast page, including links to others’ cast pages.

However, I won’t be including anyone who 1) doesn’t appear in this comic or 2) doesn’t have a significant role. And as far as my stuff showing up in others’ works, sometimes an Easter egg is an Easter egg. Nobody is under an obligation to show you the rabbit hole and you certainly aren’t required to dive down it.
Sounds like someone needs to make a "LIR-verse Wiki".
Add in "Autumn Bay" and your list of other comics nears completion. Then there's "Now Hiring" and others...
I was thinking of the DRESS making the rounds, and not the "seat"...