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Follow Zeep as he grows and evolves to explore his world. What surprises are in store for our little critter and what happened to the human race? Only time will tell.


I read comics and dabble in making them. I am currently writing a fantasy book series that needs a test reader or two. The name is pronounced Eck-zade

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We haven’t seen the last of him, don’t worry
Amy Of Darkness
My goodness that sounds like a lot of work Xade!
Hehe, Zeep is so cute intimidating that ant, though that ant was also cute :)
Go, Zeep!
If I had a trophoid rear up and shout, I'd be scared too.

You'll notice that his hair doesn't move as it did for the previous comic. Originally this was #38 but my editor said it needed a go-between, that poor Zeep wouldn't be very graceful after getting his land shape so faceplant was born. I must say I do enjoy how it came out. I decided to rig his hair because faceplant just wasn't faceplant without rigging his hair too. So now there's a little more work per pose but it is so worth it. I worked hard on it, and it took me over two weeks to get it right. I tried rigging them together within Zeep's rig but I just couldn't get it right so each strand is its own rig parented to the head. it works, that's all you need to know :)

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oh I hate browser crashes. they are the worst but I always restore them except in the most extreme cases