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Last update: 14th Jun 2011, 9:48 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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This is a story about a girl, her gay best friend, some inner turmoil, and a couple questionable rolemodels.



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Waker? Waker are you there? Where did you disappear to? I've been left on DA wondering if you died or something. <: 0
Yo man, thanks for the input :D I enjoy critique.
This comic doesn't get any cleaner.

Props to anyone that can guess the poster over Edith's bed!

Saunder doesn't take insult or any challenge well. This could just be him being an asshole, or years of doing the same thing in a... CERTAIN PERSON'S defense.
Author Note
Page two, yeaaah! Hurrah for no evidence of a schedule ever!
Only about 18 more pages to go until every webcomic tutorial out there says I'm allowed to advertise. Or was it 28? BLAST.

The point of Ron was to make a completely normal character with normal crushes, hobbies, and activities (like any other undersized Hispanic teenager) that just so happens to be gay.
However, he looks prettier every time I draw him. Perhaps it's his poses, or his clothes, or perhaps it's his hair...
I guess Ron's kinda decided his own life here.

Smithy belongs to Miranda. DeviantART, her comic.
Author Note
not bad art here. If I could make a suggestion, cast intro pages work much better on there one page rather than as a part of the comic.

Otherwise keep it up!