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Last update: 18th Jul 2020, 10:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Los Austin and it's surronding areas (The +) is the setting of the comic, Hal. This Los Angeles, CA/ Austin, TX mix up is full of a diverse cast of characters, this story focuses on an alien named Hal, and his troubles that he faces. The troubles do come easily as he ends up befriending a group of friends that own a club and do some questionable acts. If that's not enough there's a rival Jazz bar that plans to run the club into the group and take from it what it can. It's not up to Hal to figure something out, but he sure is up for the ride.


Small anthropomorphic animals are my specialty.

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Extra page for this Sunday!
Author Note
New style! Hope everyone appreciates it, getting to the end of the prologue now
Author Note
This comic has our first cameo appearance, this one being mcluck115's Jack !
Author Note