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A story about suffering. Mostly.
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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An Undertale AU wherein Sans and Papyrus were experiments of Gaster's and a lot of suffering ensues.


Stuck in font skeleton hell.

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I know, right? This whole thing is really good
omg.......the part where Sans was just able to tell something was wrong with Papyrus but was definitely having too much self loathing over choosing to sharing his burden to be able to truly comfort Papyrus, while Papyrus dealing with the confusion of being gaslit on top of being lowkey terrified about the unknown “end of the line” but still trying to be strong for Sans and wants to reassure Sans that he did the right thing by sharing his burden...it’s so good
Yeah, I'll try to check it out! Unfortunately, I can't really get onto Tumblr, but if I ever get the chance, I'll check it out. Thank you!
Is Sans supposed to look like Gaster to me?
Free-range destinies, available now.

Papyrus isn’t lying about not remembering! Flowey’s gaslighting actually did get him to doubt his own memory, which isn’t something that’s happened to him before. He’s very confused. Sans can tell something's up, but when you’re overcome with despair it’s hard to follow up on things.

Flowey’s being very careful this time around to make sure Sans doesn’t find him. He knows what happens otherwise!

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