PMD: Hanging in the Balance
A tale that spans time and darkness...
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The Pokemon known as Zuctuveil typically live in the cold mountains in packs. So you can imagine the surprise of the young, timid, Pikachu Haruki, finding a lone Zuctuveil laying on the beach one evening after a serious thunderstorm. Her name is Miku, and as it turns out she's not a made-up "Zuctuveil" at all! As she aggressively corrects him, it turns out the teenaged Miku is, in truth, a human. At least that's what she thinks, but it's hard to say, seeing as she suffers from retrograde amnesia. After a slightly rocky start, the two heroes decide to join forces as the Exploration Team Resplendent, fulfilling Haruki's life-long dream. Meanwhile, Miku struggles to discover her place in the world and attempts to learn whatever she can about her elusive past. That is, of course, unless her past learns of her first...

CHAPTER 5: Plotting Shadows
Aspiring thieves Avis and Fionn, with the help of a "professional" older brother, are starting their biggest heist yet! Only problem is, they have to gain the Wigglytuff guild's trust first, and pesky Team Resplendent is making a huge fuss about it. A bit of meddling should put them in their place, no problem.


I'm cool with being called Velvet, but my actual name is ZEN (they're the initials of my actual name, anyhow). It really doesn't matter what you call me, haha!

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do it miku! blood!
No new page today (Nov 28) due to Thanksgiving and final assignments. See you all next week!
And I'm enjoying it as completely new to me. :) I do like the Guildmaster, he's a dear old fellow.
This is the first time ive seen this take play out this way. And its very nice it has.
This is actually a super neat take on this scene. I like how this plays out much better than in the games haha