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Hapax Legomena
Lep Gex Ven Zea
Last update: 3rd Mar 2017, 3:00 AM
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Hapax Legomena is a webcomic about a 16-year-old wizard girl, who collects these things called hapax legomena in her search for a specific one.


Published author, with two short stories published traditionally, one self-published, and also a self-published ~90 pages novella. This last one is titled “Corredores Vazios” in Portuguese, the language in which it's originally written. Its title translates to “Empty Hallways” in English, and it’s the work in which the webcomic of the same title is based.

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Gotta love those easy jobs.
Yep, Celine's house's exterior walls are pink.
Author Note
Thank you for the tidying service.
You know what's the worst part? I'm pretty sure I had actually seen that typo. I have no idea why the hell I didn't fix it before.
That's a uh, strange looking Y up there.

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