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Hazy Daze
Make Mistakes. Fall in Love
Last update: 19th Mar 2015, 9:39 PM
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A coming of age story about magic, and falling in love with all of the wrong people. About love and loss. Of accepting and letting, and all of those hazy memories about the time you spent only half aware of the world.


Hello, I'm Kristina, or Chaser, as I've gone by on the interwebs for years.

I'm an illustrator and creator of Hazy Daze.

Other than comics, I also work as a texture artist for a small mobile game company, and serve people over-priced coffee.

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I'm crying so hard right now.....T_T
Love it! You draw a lot better than I do. :)
sometimes I want to write 100 chapters of back story for all the characters parents
Author Note
/insert boob joke here/
it'll be explained in a few pages ^^